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Anti Hair fall Kit

Anti Hair fall Kit

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This naturally formulated Anti hair fall kit contains essential ingredients like hibiscus extracts, avarampoo, mango butter, moringa lives, rice water, and keratin powder that stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth in men and women. With regular use of this kit, you can reverse hair loss by up to 93%. Suitable for all hair types.

Product Details 

Our Anti Hair Fall Kit contains,

3 in 1 Hair Oil with 32 Herbs Extract (200 ml)

This herbal hair oil nourishes your scalp to regenerate stronger, thicker, and shiny hair. Made with a traditional Ayurveda method followed in the ancient era by our ancestors. 

Keratin Detangle Shampoo (200 ml)

Enriched with the key protein ‘Keratin’ which is essential for faster hair growth, reducing breakage, and strengthening the hair shaft. It maintains the pH balance in your scalp. It also comes with conditioning agents that help to soften and smoothen the hair. Our shampoo is completely free of ammonia, sulfate, and other harmful chemicals.


  • Stops hair loss
  • Inhibits DHT linked to hair fall
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Strengthens weak and damaged hair
  • Cleanses scalp for healthy hair growth
  • Removes excess oil and dirt on the scalp
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair roots
  • Provides moisturization to prevent dry and weak hair follicles

Key Ingredients

Coconut oil, curry leaves, hibiscus extracts, aloe vera, mango butter, fenugreek seeds, keratin powder, flaxseed oil, banana, and cocoa butter.

Suggested use

Step 1: Take the required amount of hair oil and gently massage into the hair ensuring that the entire scalp is covered and leave it overnight. Regular usage of the oil is required for obvious results.

Step 2: Wet your hair completely. Apply the required amount of shampoo and massage it to lather. Rinse it off properly once it’s done.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Ayurvedic Formulations
  • Vegan-friendly Products
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop hair from falling permanently? 

You can follow some best and safest hair care rituals to prevent hair loss, these include maintaining a healthy diet enriched with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Keeping your scalp healthy and clean, avoiding tight hairstyles like tight ponytails, and avoiding chronic stress.

Does this anti-hair fall kit regrow my hair? 

We carefully formulated this anti-hair fall kit with certified natural ingredients that are time-tested to cure hair fall naturally in men and women. Our thousands of customers also reported a significant improvement in reducing hair fall.

Does this kit increase hair volume and thickness? 

Yes, this ant-hair fall kit contains ingredients like hibiscus extracts, coconut oil, keratin powder, neem leaves, and triphal powder which supply essential nourishment to maximize hair density and thickness.